Friday, November 16, 2012

Day 6: Ditch

I am supposed to stop talking negatively about my body, starting today. Ditch the fat talk. This does not mean that I will necessarily stop calling my body fat so much as it means that I should stop insulting my body by calling it fat. See the difference? My body is fat. Just like it's short. Just like my hair is blonde and my eyes are blue. Part of this journey, to me at least, is to able to describe my body without judging it. It's fat, and that's not a moral failing on my part. It just is.

The problem begins in groups of women. One says "Ugh it's so hard to find pants when your thighs are as big as mine." Not wanting to let her feel fat alone (or, for that matter, to be one-upped), another says "You should try managing this stomach! I may as well buy maternity clothes!" And it continues. I have had this conversation with friends thinner than me and fatter than me. It really doesn't matter what size or shape we are, we all have insecurities. Why do let our insecurities eat away at us, or let our friends fall prey to theirs? Try this: when someone starts the inevitable conversation (because it won't be you, right?), compliment her. Instead of insulting your body to match, say "You are beautiful. No one is looking at your thighs, no matter how you may feel about them." Don't let her ignore or trump the compliment either. Dig in and make her feel good. Make her realize there are so many more important things about her than the size of her thighs (big or not).

Then, stand in front of the mirror and do it for yourself. You are beautiful.

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